05/14/21 Have a Nice Trip, See You Next Fall

  So, it’s fall and Lorelai’s “doing Wild” and it’s just as stupid as you think it is. know, "Wild"? Like the 2014 movie with Reese Witherspoon? It's a trend or something in Purgatory. Please don't ask me to explain it. Anyway, Rory starts seeing weird stuff around town and it turns out that the Life and Death Brigade are back!  Logan and his buds come through and they have a pretty awesome night that even this old curmudgeon thought was pretty cool. I mean, really.  I was very entertained. Side note: Luke now thinks Lorelai left to find herself and she could leave him because that makes sense. Hello, insecurity! Anyway, after the night of debauchery, Rory decides that the fun is over. It was very Wendy and Lost Boys. It was adorable. So, Rory signs off with Logan. Finally. It’s a good breakup. As hardcore Logalai as I am, this is a breakup that makes sense, mostly, so I have no objections. Meanwhile, Lorelai never actually goes hiking because she's

05/13/21 Summah Time, Summah Time Loving, Loving in the Summah tiiime

It’s summer and Rory is back in Stars Hollow. She keeps saying she’s not back, but she is.  April’s visiting and she’s all nose rings and German films...only she’s a total poseur, which was cute. I laughed. Anyway, Rory is bored and wants to hang with Logan, but Logan has a fiance...that’s moved in, now. Rory. Come on. Seriously?  Anyway, town meeting - there’s a thirty-something gang full of people who failed in life and have moved back home, they’re doing a musical, and they have broken air conditioning. The town paper is closing so, Rory decides to get it back up and running. Michel has come back from wherever and Lorelai’s still worried about him leaving and why do they have boys holding parasols over their heads? Did they buy young boys for the summer? Side note: Just heard Babette use the term clam jam and I’m scarred for life. And Lorelai’s correct. There is no such thing as Kinky Boots as a character, but, you know, Taylor is just doing his job as purgatory demon so you can’t b

05/12/21 Sprung on Spring

Recap... Rory’s writing a novel for a crazy British lady, she’s also still not-dating Logan (Oh, look, there’s Logan’s dad) and Lorelai is in therapy with her mom. And they’re holding a town meeting to plan for a Pride parade and I’m happy to report that there are very few gays in Purgatory. (I always knew it) Anyway, they can’t do it, because despite what certain people have been led to believe, there is a startlingly low number of homosexuals living in Stars Hollow. Also, Taylor commits a HIPAA violation and steals Lorelai’s guest list and finds there are B-movie actors in town and WE CAN’T HAVE THAT! Michel has a straight-up meltdown because of the B-listers. Lorelai talks to Luke about it, but Luke’s basically like F* that guy. Side note: Paul Anka’s still alive?? I'm not repeating myself, I mean the guy, not the dog. And also, the movie they watch on movie night...Eraserhead?? This really is Purgatory. But Kirk’s short film. Hysterical. Best thing I’ve seen so far. Anyway, Lor